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Times Institute Of Media Studies Courses 2

TIMES JOURNALISM ACADEMY is Officer Times (Hindi News Magazine) initiative. A Journalism school that offers industry oriented education in the field of Print & Online Journalism. Its actually a skill development institute where students improve Writing skills, Journalistic skills, web skills and deeply understand real life of a Journalist. We are here because of a vision in Media Industry with a great association of Print and Online Media Group’s.

India has more than 99,660 publications / newspapers (*March 31, 2014, RNI) with lots of popular news websites and is the biggest newspaper market in the world – over 100 million copies sold each day.  The world’s best selling newspaper dailies were published in China, Japan and India. So in the growing market industry needs qualified, skillful people. ‘Times Journalism Academy’ believe that each and every individual has a unique potential.

The course organised by Times Journalism Academy is designed to teach the art and technique of writing, so the students can work as freelance journalist, writer, script writer, editor, sub-editor in the print and online media. The various programmes run by the Times Journalism Academy are autonomous courses and not linked to any educational bodies overseen by the government agencies.

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